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Análisis del guión de Flight

Guión de Flight

Recalcamos continuamente en las clases del curso de guión que hay 3 cuestiones fundamentales que trabajar continuamente a la hora de convertirse en un guionista profesional: leer guiones, ver películas y escribir.

Dentro de la lectura conviene además leer guiones con visión de análisis, tal y como se hace en la asignatura de análisis de guión que contiene el curso.

Hoy te traemos un interesante ejemplo de análisis de los que habitualmente se publican en el blog de Scott Myers. Se trata del guión de Flight, película escrita por John Gatins, protagonizada por Denzel Washington y dirigida por Robert Zemeckis

Si deseas leer el guión de Flight de John Gatins este enlace te lleva directamente.

Como ejercicio puedes leer guiones y desmenuzarlos, destriparlos, analizar cómo están construidos. Esta práctica te ayudará en la escritura de tus nuevos guiones.


Scene-by-Scene Breakdown

By Sharita Gopal

Page 2: NICOLE MAGGEN has earned money with massage. She makes a call, hangs up and gives in to answer the ringing phone.

Page 3-4: In a commuters hotel near the airport, WHIP WITAKER wakes up with TRINA, his young colleague. Empty beers, vodka and wine around. Phone call, he argues with his ex-wife about tuition for their son. Whip drinks beer and sniffs coke before he and Trina leave for the airport.

Page 5-6: On the plane, we meet MARGARAT THOMASON, a religious mature flight attendant and CAMELIA SATOU, young flight attendant. Whip meets KEN EVANS, young first officer. It’s their first flight together. Whip is tired and asks Margaret for coffee and aspirin. There are 120 souls on board.

Page 8-11: Nicole visits Othello porn set in mansion and asks KIP for heroin. She refuses when Kip asks her to play Desdemona. Kip reminds her she was clean. He gives her for free ‘Taliban’, heavy stuff she may only smoke, not shoot.

Page 11-15: Back in cockpit. Bad weather: heavy rain, lightning, heavy wind gusts, yet Whip is ready to take off, while Evan is nervous. Severe turbulence at the take off. Evan indicates wind shear. Whip remains confident and doesn’t want auto-pilot but fly self. Passengers are afraid and scream, bags and coats fall out of the luggage bins. Attendants sooth the passengers.

Page 16-21: Whip sings and feels confident. They are cleared to flight level one. Plane takes another violent dip. Whip levels off to get out of the bad air. Passengers scream but Whip is cool. Plain approaches maximum speed. Evan warns Whip for over-speeding. For Whip, he lies to ATC that they are climbing. He’s anxious. Shaking of plane gets violent. Passengers scream. Evan warns they are going too fast. Whip keeps the plane climbing till it breaks through the cloud and he turns on the auto-pilot. Passengers and Evan are joyful, Whip, however, is shaky, and gives Evan order to take the plane home. He leaves the cockpit.

Page 22: Nicole finds FRAN the building manager in her apartment with her camera in his hands. She’s angry. He wants rent and tries to seduce her. Nicole tricks him out of her apartment and says she’ll bring the money after a shower. When she tosses her bag onto the floor, a needle comes in sight.

Page 23-24: Whip empties a bottle of orange juice half and fills it with the liquid of three small vodka bottles whilst he addresses the passengers. He throws the three empties in the galley trash and downs nearly half of the juice-vodka liquid.

Page 25: Nicole uses the drugs she got with a needle. Fran smells the stuff outside and bounds on her door.»

Leer el análisis entero del guión de Flight

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