Septima Ars

Septima Ars

Escuela de Cine y TV de Madrid

Dirk Glover ofrece su punto de vista sobre el negocio audiovisual.

Dirk Glover

Todos los que nos dedicamos al cine somos conscientes de que el público es muy importante, que la industria del cine requiere de profesionales cualificados y de productores cualificados.

Pero qué mejor que Dirk Glover nos cuente sus ideas.

«In Hollywood circa 2007, as Funny or Die CEO Dick Glover described it, the cost of creating content was rising and social media was just starting to gain a foothold among consumers. In stepped a humor site that counted Will Ferrell and Adam McKay as founders. Their new model, Glover said, was built in three ways.

«Put talent first. Enable great creative people. Second, marry the best of two very disparate cultures — Hollywood and Silicon Valley. And, then, third, be nothing likeKevin Costner,» Glover elaborated in a talk at a TEDxHollywood event on Wednesday.

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He invoked Costner’s Field of Dreams — where the actor hears a voice saying, «If you build it, he will come» and builds a baseball field — to explain the reference. That model, Glover said, «resonates very, very well in the Hollywood system, where millions and millions and millions of dollars are spent on projects that may never even come into existence.»

But for Funny or Die, the CEO elaborated, the famous quote is reversed to: «If they come, we will build it.» He says, «We don’t spend money on development; we don’t spend money that we won’t see immediate return.»…»

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