Las 24 mejores secuencias de Mad Men

Mad Men

Ahora que está a punto de finalizar su emisión en televisión la serie Mad Men los amigos de Yahoo Movies han realizado un artículo sobre las 24 mejores secuencias de la serie.

Siempre hablamos en las clases de guión que una historia la conforman una sucesión de un montón de pequeños cortometrajes o historias llamadas secuencias. Mad Men es un buen ejemplo de ello.

Para todos aquellos que deseen escribir, producir o realizar es una oportunidad de ver y estudiar secuencuias destacables de las diferentes temporadas.

«More than episodes or seasons, Mad Men is a show made up of scenes. No other series on television allows scenes of dialogue to breathe and develop quite like AMC’s finely crafted period drama. And with the final seven episodes premiering this week, we’re thinking back to all the great scenes we’ve witnessed over the past seven seasons.

Here, then, is our entirely subjective list of the 24 greatest Mad Men scenes so far, rigorously ranked according to verbal dexterity, visual flair, and emotional impact. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about “shocking moments,” per se, so you won’t find brief but iconic events like The Lawnmower or Roger In Blackface here — just the most satisfying, most immersive slices of 1960s life presented to us by Matt Weiner and his merry band of scribes.

Cheers, Mad Men; here’s hoping the final episodes provide a few more scenes to rank right alongside these classics.

24. Peggy and Joan gossip about Don’s engagement (Season 4, “Tomorrowland”)

Mad Men

Granted, this is a small scene and not high-stakes in the least, but it’s a joy to watch. When news spreads of Don’s engagement to his secretary Megan, Peggy retreats to Joan’s office and the two frenemies share a conspiratorial cigarette and gossip about the new pairing. “They’re all just between marriages, you know that,” Joan sniffs. Peggy shouts that she just signed a huge account, “but it’s not as important as getting married… again.” Watching these two giggle together, we get sad all over again that there won’t be a Peggy-and-Joan-in-the-’70s spinoff. (We’d watch it, Matt Weiner!)

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