Primeras pruebas de la Blackmagic Ursa 4.6K

Cámara Ursa 4.6K

La web de BlackMagic Design acaba de publicar imágenes de prueba de la nueva cámara Ursa 4.6K y la verdad es que ofrece resultados muy interesantes.

Llevará el mismo sensor que las cámaras Ursa existentes hasta el momento pero promete un rango mayor, de hasta 15 stops.

Para enseñanza de cinematografía digital será una gran opción en el futuro próximo, de la que posiblemente se aprovecharán especialmente los estudiantes de dirección de fotografía de la escuela.

Capitan Hook ha sido el encargado de realizar estas pruebas y al respecto escribe: «Couple of things about the URSA 4.6k footage for some ‘background’. I shot this on a prototype so things were still in development and changing. This was also just me shooting solo with the URSA like previously and is “home movie” type stuff intended to be a quick first look. In fact, last time with my URSA beta video i had Danelle helping me to carry some gear but this time it was just me shooting some friends and around the city – definitely no crew or anything like that. For the kitchen shots and the drumming i set up some lights, everything else is 100% natural light, not even bounce. Grading on this video is purposely VERY simple. It’s really just a quick setting of white balance, then contrast and saturation. I didn’t tweak individual colours or even shift colours with Lift/Gamma/Gain because i wanted to show the great natural colour “out of the box”. This part is my personal opinion and obviously now that i work for BMD people will take it with a grain of salt (to be expected), but personally i think we’ve made a BIG improvement on colour – colour that i already really liked which led me to first purchase the BMCC as a customer. I think the improvement in colour is just as big as the improvement on dynamic range. With DR, so far in my experience i think it’s safe to say that whatever you rate the Pocket Camera to be, add roughly 2 stops. 1 stop in the highlights, and another stop in the shadows. I can’t wait for people to get this and go shoot some incredible footage with it!»

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