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Septima Ars

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10 Trucos de rodaje con presupuesto cero.

Producción Audiovisual Low Cost

Uno de los principales problemas a que se enfrenta cualquier productor audiovisual, ya sea aficionado o profesional, es el presupuesto. El dinero no lo es todo, tampoco en la industria del cine. Tal vez lo más importante en esta industria  es el conocimiento y la creatividad.

Por ello nos parece muy a tener en cuenta este artículo de Elliot Grove donde nos ofrece unos breves pero útiles consejos para esos proyectos audiovisuales que queremos desarrollar y para los cuales no tenemos apenas presupuesto.

«Valentines Day 2005 was a key date in the history of the movie business. It was the day that Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim registered the name The movie business, and especially film distribution, has not been the same since.

The last ten years has seen a host of additional changes.

Digital technology has made it possible for films to be shot and edited (even with dazzling special effects) for minuscule budgets. Entire feature length films can be made for the cost of the catering budget in a traditionally funded and produced industry movie.

The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity demonstrated how the internet could be used to market a film using viral marketing techniques, techniques that were in their infancy in 1999. Orin Pelli’s Paranormal Activity also used a viral campaign, this time financed by Paramount, to turn a small ”no Budget” movie into a runaway box office success.

What are the opportunities in this new world of movies?

Firstly, independent fimmakers can make films much more cost effectively than the majors. Secondly, because the budgets are relatively modest, independent filmmakers can afford to make a movie that fails (unlike the majors). And finally, in this brave new movie world, everyone wants in – the studios want in, the websites want in, traditional tv want in the gamers and app builders want in, the big banks, the big brands and hedge funds want in. Everyone wants in. The studios and distributors, websites and television broadcasters all have the hardware to play movies. What they lack is the software – the movies. And if you are able to make compelling content, you will make money.

Let me show you ten ways to make compelling content for next to nothing…»

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